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You are CALLED to share your message

⭐ You are TIRED of being held back 

⭐ You are ready for your BREAKTHROUGH 


This experience could change your life.

It could be the key to thriving more in life and in your business.


Opportunity is knocking!


This is an invitation to possibility and embodying the version of you that wakes up absolutely in love with her business, her life, and herself.


You will feel supported as you gain clarity and feel more confident moving towards your dreams.


What could you create today if you finally broke free of what's kept you playing small?


When we live our lives to the fullest, with ease and joy, we change the world




"Show Up, Reach Out, and Thrive!"


We've got you!


Karen and Mel 


Set your sights high and don't settle for the status quo! 


It's time to step forward! 

About Your Hosts



Karen Eischen and Mel Perry, a Mom and daughter team, are empowered leadership coaches and visibility strategists who support heart centered coaches, change leaders, and visionary women in business to connect with their inner wisdom so they can step up, stand out, and shine bright without burning out. 


Through strategy, coaching, and done-for-you marketing, they support women to amplify their calling, align their message with a plan they can trust, and let go of what is holding them back so they can get known, grow their communities, and attract their dream clients in a fun and fulfilling way.


With over 25 years of project management, performance coaching, and leadership experience, Karen has consulted over a 1000 people to powerfully prioritize self-love and embody self-care, on and off the job. 


After years of struggling with social anxiety, Mel surrounded herself by powerful healers and, one step at a time, grew to shine. She now combines her over 20 years in stage performance with her personal development toolkit to focus on presence, messaging, and confidence. 


As producers and co-hosts of virtual events for women, they share the stage with women worldwide. They are known for creating spaces where women have the opportunity to shine. Their latest project Shine The Spotlight On You won a BOVE (Best Of Virtual Events) award. And, they are contributing authors in the Empowering CEOs book project and Empowered Self-Care book project. 


Karen and Mel founded their coaching company, Envision Joy Today™, out of a longing for women to love their lives now. Women changing the world with mission led businesses. They invite you to love, lead, and live to the fullest every day with a business that fits YOU, that aligns with your life, and brings fulfillment and joy. It’s time for success your way!


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