​Does this sound familiar? 


You are spinning in OVER learning? You keep opting into things and trying too many different strategies?


You are overwhelmed in OVER complication? You spend way too much time overanalyzing and end up with nothing to show for it?


You are stuck in OVER perfecting? You spend so much time on the little details that you miss the BIG opportunities?


It’s OK. This was us too. 


If you are in that state, we know you are on the road to burn out, shrinking back, or giving up. 


It’s time to change lanes to the one that’s paved with limitless potential and possibilities. 


If you are SO OVER, spinning, overwhelm, and staying stuck, THIS IS FOR YOU!



Shine to Thrive Success™ Circle!


This program and mastermind is for women on the rise just like you who are ready to ditch the old stories and step into their next level success with more confidence and joy.


We have spent countless hours and spent hundreds of thousands studying the best in business, marketing, and personal growth. Many masterminds and coaches focus on just one, we have found the most success when focused on all.


We have learned that you can have all the strategies but you will not implement without the supportive community of those who say yes, it’s possible, keep going.  


So, we have brought them together: community with confidence building with the systems  and strategies. 


We are bringing together the experts, the experience, and the knowledge that we’ve gained from walking into rooms with the brightest minds and leaders at a fraction of the cost that it would cost you to join one mastermind. 


We are bringing all of that to you! 

Picture a day you wake up with so much joy because you feel supported in knowing your next step 

Picture a day your best girl friend says your smile lights up the room, what’s your secret?

Picture a day that you are sharing your heart and your message with your dream clients 


It’s time for ease, flow, and freedom in your life and business.  

It’s time that your efforts paid off. 

It’s time you see the real progress.

It’s time to do good and feel good while making money!

It’s time to pivot into your limitless potential and possibility.  

  • Support and accountability to embody, show up, and shine consistently and confidently as the vibrant, radiant and authentic leader you know you are designed to be 
  • Step into a community with women who get you who understand the challenges, fears, and obstacles of putting yourself out there and building your business.
  • Connect to women who see that shining bright in your authenticity and unique gifts is your superpower.
  • Surround yourself with unwavering vision and possibility. You will always have someone in your corner. We believe in you often before you believe how truly powerful you really are. 
  • Systems and strategies to support your vision and grow your impact in a way that is fun and fulfilling without the overwhelm 
  • Guidance to move through any blocks, limiting beliefs, stuck points more quickly to stay on track 
  • Community of like hearted and like minded women to inspire and motivate you to reach your next best level 

Making money can be a form of radical self care. 


We do not have to suffer to create impact and income. 


We take a holistic approach to business. You get to feel good and do good while making money. 


When you surround yourself with others with big dreams, it awakens the possibilities within and taps into your limitless potential.


We’ve done it! From agoraphobic social anxiety to speaking on virtual stages to hundreds to creating our own platform for 100s of women to share their own stories, we know the journey from hiding to shining. We know it’s possible for you!


We support you to tap into your light, trust your voice, magnetize your message and attracting your dream clients with ease and confidence so you can build the life and business of your dreams. 

  • You get clarity on your why and connect with your heart’s desire so you can lead with confidence with less overwhelm and stress in every area of your life 
  • You will learn to activate joy so you can enjoy what you do and the message you get to share so you can feel good and do good while making money 
  • You will gain more courage in stepping into and expressing your authentic voice, message, and leadership
  • You will feel fully supported in a community that understands you and has your back 
  • You will have a safe space to release limitations and connect to your heart and your sisters so you can feel joy in putting yourself first and be more energized to show up for others
  • You will have access to knowledge, tools, and strategies for successful visibility so you can feel confident to fully embrace and own your superpowers that attract your dream clients
  • You will feel the freedom to let go of needing to learn it all while gaining back ease and time because you will learn what’s working now so you can maneuver and be ahead of the curve
  • You will set yourself and your business up to thrive in 2021 and beyond without the headaches or overwhelm always trying to always catch up 
  • You will be able to do less more intentionally so you can enjoy growing and scaling your business with more joy, energy, and confidence 
  • You will have permission and validation to have fun and celebrate your amazing self with women that are committed to loving life along with you!!!


We know this is possible because we have done it.


We know this is possible when you surround ourselves with women with big hearts, big visions, and big dreams.


We know this is possible for YOU when you say yes to you, yes to possibility, and yes to your limitless potential! 


You have a choice for 2021.

Will this be you?


I was validated for my business direction, inspired with new ideas and fully supported 


“I recently had the pleasure of experiencing coaching from Karen and Mel. I am in the process of creating my new business, the timing was perfect. I received valuable insights and suggestions from them both. Their intuition lasered in on the areas that would benefit me most and I immediately  resonated with their guidance, as they blended the practical and spiritual. I was validated for my business direction, inspired with new ideas and fully supported. I felt seen and heard regarding my unique journey, thank you. I highly recommend Karen and Mel to assist you with building your business.” 


Karen Renee Halseth

Shine to Thrive Success™ Circle is a 12 month program 


What’s included? 

  • Monthly move the needle calls (VALUE: $6K) 
  • Monthly expert training on hot topics (VALUE: $12K) 
  • Coach on Call Days for Q+A loveseats (VALUE: $6K) 
  • Opportunity for an accountability pod (VALUE: PRICELESS) 
  • Private online community for ongoing support (VALUE: $6K) 
  • 3 stretch and strategy workshops (VALUE: $6K) 



  • Welcome To The Circle Box (VALUE: PRICELESS) 
  • FREE tickets to select events (VALUE: $2K) 
  • Annual Virtual Retreat (VALUE: $4K) 



  • Spotlight feature - be spotlighted on our virtual stage (VALUE: $2K) 
  • Accountability coach (VALUE: $12K) 
  • 2 months of LegalShield to support you in the legal side of your business (VALUE: EASE OF MIND) 
  • VIP Half Day (VALUE: $6k) 


The investment for masterminds like this typically start at $1200 per month! We will be raising our rates soon! 

We were told to start ours at that price but we wanted to make this opportunity assessable to as many women who are ready to step up into shining bright as possible! 



Typically, $1200/month with $1000 down

TODAY, your investment is $997/month with $250 down  


The vision of the Shine To Thrive Success™ Circle is to be a sisterhood of positive like minded and like hearted women dedicated to personal and entrepreneurial development so they can shine bright and share their gifts with the world so they can do good and feel good while making money


We commit to leading with kindness, love, positivity, and generosity. 


Our goal is JOY.  A vision of women locking arms to make a difference while pursuing what lights them up! 


A vision of women fulfilled and living in their abundance! 


This Circle is a safe container for exploring, supporting, and reaching your next level. 


If you feel the calling for something more, NOW IS THE TIME


It’s time to say YES TO YOU!!!

It’s time to ACCESS YOUR JOY!!!

It’s time to SHINE!!!


Today choose to answer that calling 

  • even if you don’t know exactly what it is
  • even if you don’t know how it will all unfold
  • even if you are scared


We know from experience, you don’t have any more time to waste being burnt out, overwhelmed, or stuck spinning all the plates as they come crashing down 


You don’t have any more time to go it alone.  


What if you lean in and listen?


What if the DECISION you make today is a turning point in your life?


What if the result is a life of joy that supports you? 


What if everything you want is on the other side of yes?

About Us 



Karen Eischen and Mel Perry, a Mom and daughter team, are founders of Envision Joy Today™. 


We founded our coaching company, Envision Joy Today™, out of a longing for women to love their lives now. Not to wait for a certain age or a certain milestone, or a certain achievement, or a certain number in their bank account, in which to then say, I can have joy and now I can do that. We firmly believe that it is possible to have joy today, no matter what the circumstances are around you. 


Together, as empowered leadership coaches and online business visibility strategists, we support women to break through what’s been holding them back and confidently step into their next level of success as vibrant and radiant leaders so they can scale their impact and income with ease while creating their legacy and living the life of their dreams. 


As business coaches certified in the Simplify to Amplify Framework by Sacha Sterling, we support women to do more intentionally in less time. 


We mainly support women who have been doing all the things but due to supporter roles or overwhelm they are left spinning with little traction and established entrepreneurs who are maxed out supporting their clients and want the time and space to share their message and their movement and serve in a bigger capacity. 


We partner with you for your long term success. 


With a degree in psychology and 25 years of consulting experience focused on vision, mission, and goal setting as well as the systems and strategies to improve consistency and productivity, Karen has learned that creating breakthroughs and stepping into more joy and freedom takes prioritizing you and prioritizing self love.  


After struggling with debilitating social anxiety for years, Mel decided the greatest fear was wasting her life by hiding away. She now guides others into overcoming their fears and insecurities. Mel uses her talents as a seasoned singer to support other women to show up, reach out, and thrive with unstoppable confidence.


As producers and co-hosts of virtual events for women, we share the stage with amazing women leaders worldwide. We are known for creating spaces where all women have the opportunity to shine. Our latest project Shine The Spotlight On You: 100 women sharing 100 stories to celebrate 100 years of progress and future possibilities for women recently won a BOVE (Best Of Virtual Events) award and was honored with the Most Inspirational Summit 2020. 


We take a holistic approach to business and believe that to be radiant and vibrant leaders we get to feel good and do good while making money. 


Align your life with your business for success your way in 2021.


We stand for joy. Women changing the world with mission led businesses. 

We believe every woman deserves a business that brings fulfillment and joy in business and life. 

We believe no woman should ever have to settle or burn out to achieve their dreams. 


You have a message!

You can be the difference that changes the world!

But if no one is there to hear it, nothing happens! 

Be the voice that stands above the crowd!

And do so in a way that has you feeling good instead of burnt out! 


Give yourself the gift of stepping into more joy in 2021!











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